16 Jan
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Stockholm IT Ventures AB: Business Update – Note from our CEO

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (JANUARY 16th, 2019) – Stockholm IT Ventures AB (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: SVAB – ISIN SE0006027546) publishes following note from the CEO:

Dear all,

First of all, I would like to wish all our shareholders and followers a Happy New Year. I hope the year has started out in a positive way for you.

We have been quiet for a while, and this has been partially on purpose, and partially out of necessity for tactical reasons. As I stated in December 2018 during our ‘business update webinar’ click here, we are no longer driving communications through Telegram groups as I believe the message often gets distorted. What is now happening is that we are positioning ourselves to fully leverage some new additions to the management team who we will introduce to you more in detail shortly.

We have been focusing 100% on driving our trading revenue and we have onboarded a number of clients who have now started to trade with us. We have also prepared the trading model to be more available to retail clients through various distribution channels, but the nice thing is that the revenues have begun and are developing quite nicely.

Furthermore, we are doing additional improvements and upgrades of our www.likquid.com platform. We have now finished most of the internal stuff behind the scenes, and are now working on the user interface and presentation layer to achieve the most user friendly platform possible.

Next, we will tie together our Eurothereum and banking layers for a fully consolidated platform and business. The capital increase provided by our chairman Mr. Roger Tamraz is being registered with the company registry in Sweden and we are working from an investor relations standpoint on providing our shareholders with an easier way of getting a proper overview of this.

A short comment outside the progress update: I have seen posts from consultants of ours where we have discontinued our relationships. As a public company we won’t air disputes about contractual breaches by our subcontractors in public unless they are material. Therefore, we submit all issues such as this one to our lawyers for proper addressing. We expect our counter parties to express the same kind of professionalism and we will not be bullied or extorted based on chatroom gossip and I think that this is what our shareholders expect from us.

Thank you and have a great day!

Anthony Norman


Stockholm IT Ventures AB

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Stockholm IT Ventures AB, Anthony Norman, media@stockholmit.co