27 Apr
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Stockholm IT Ventures AB – Holding Statement

Stockholm IT Ventures AB Holding Statement – from Anthony Norman, CEO, Stockholm IT Ventures AB.

Hey guys… It’s been a long and trying week and I know everyone is wondering what happened to the next update. Here it goes…

First of all, change is good. It’s also often hard. But to succeed in business, you must run toward it. If it was easy, everyone would do it, but it’s not and these trying situations are part of building something valuable.

We are committed to creating extraordinary results for our shareholders. Stockholm IT Ventures’ executive leadership and board of directors carefully analyze each step in the path we pave toward building a stronger future for the company to deliver more value to all shareholders. Business, like life, often takes an unexpected course. You can fight the change of direction, refuse to adapt, and watch your business fail, or you can take advantage of these opportunities to grow and create said extraordinary results.

The past few weeks has presented such changes for SITV, which has simultaneously delivered very positive results; hence, this update.

The process we have been through in recent weeks has drawn the attention of some very well established and powerful industry-leading partners with whom we are in advanced stages of agreement to expand our vision and accelerate our progress. As well as solidifying our move into sustainable crypto-mining with a key partnership agreement with details to be announced next week, we will also be making an announcement next week about our expanded vision underscored by additional important acquisitions and partnerships.

First and foremost, while we understand the forthcoming update may initially leave some of our shareholders with a feeling of discontent, we can assure it is in your best interest as part of our continued commitment to deliver you extraordinary results. To that end, we will make further adjustments to the timetable of the Bytemine ICO.  However, the revised and expanded SITV strategy is designed to deliver enhanced returns to our token and shareholders.

We are very confident that the market will be even more excited with the progress we have made and what the future holds for everyone in this regard. The acquisitions and partnerships we are finalising will move SITV beyond mining and into a fully integrated blockchain, cryptocurrency and global monetary banking and innovation ecosystem.

Our vision is to create a world-leading, integrated organisation that mobilises the potential of blockchain, distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrencies. SITV’s focus on clean and efficient crypto mining remains in place. Our mining and production operations will be a core activity as part of the wider company vision to transform, legitimise and expand the role of cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology.

The integrated ecosystem we are creating will have a venture layer that enables multiple ICOs. We are creating a fully compliant banking layer with investment, trading and exchange capabilities. Our mining layer will be kick-started with upcoming key partnerships we will be announcing.

In addition, we are creating a vertically integrated innovation stack that will deliver unique capabilities and value across all of these layers.

We very much look forward to giving more detail as soon as we can.

However, given recent experience we are waiting to conclude due diligence and solidify agreements before making further definitive announcements.

More details will be released as soon as possible next week – I wish you all a pleasant and relaxing weekend!



We are a traditional technology company that has taken a proactive interest in Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

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