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Nacka (pta/20.12.2017/11:20) December 20, 2017; Stockholm IT Ventures AB held an EGM on December 18th 2017 at it’s head office in Nacka, Sweden. Two new directors were elected by shareholders to its board. Claes Stromvall and Jorgen Andersson as part of developing its cryptocurrency strategy, whilst Matt Connolly has stepped down from the board to focus on Pimboo OU.
Stockholm IT Venture AB has appointed Mr. Jörgen Andersson to the board of directors. Mr. Andersson has a long experience within the financial sector and has been a member of the Swedish Parliament since 2010 as well as a member of the Swedish Committee on Finance where he is an expert on financial markets and monetary policy. His focus has been on issues regarding global governance and macro-economics. He has previously worked for the IMF and the World Bank as well as for OECD in his role as member of the Swedish parliament and the Swedish Committee on Finance. Mr. Anderson has played a key role in developing the current economic policies for the Moderate Party, both from a macro-perspective as well as new market trends such as digital economy and the “Sharing Economy”.
Lately, Mr. Andersson has been recognised for his engagement and studies in blockchain technology, its impact in society, economic effects and impact on monetary policies. Mr. Andersson will bring valuable insight and knowledge to further develop our strategies and business model.
Mr Claes Stromvall has worked in the investment sector, primarily focussed on real estate as well as operating mega yachts around the world for ultrahigh net worth individuals. Claes has years of experience working with some of the most renowned families in the world and will use that experience and those contacts to focus on investment and investor relations.
Wayne Lochner, Chairman of Stockholm IT Ventures said “We are delighted to be joined on the board by two new members who bring with them a wealth of experience and can help develop the company’s focus on a cryptocurrency strategy. We would like to thank Matt Connolly for his work whilst a board member and we are pleased that he continues to develop Pimboo OU. We are also pleased to announce that we have appointed a second auditor, Mr Sture Eriksson, who we are delighted to be working with. All of these changes are designed to equip the company with the skills it needs to take it forward and implement the strategy for the company throughout 2018 and beyond.”


We are a traditional technology company that has taken a proactive interest in Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

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