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Trig Social Media AB (publ) Announces Head Sponsorship Deal With SMITE eSports Team

10.30 AM CET / 12-Dec-2014 / Trig Social Media AB (Publ) (FRA:TRIG)
Trig Social Media AB (publ) Announces Head Sponsorship Deal With SMITE eSports Team

Trig Social Media AB (publ) is pleased to announce that the company will sponsor a team in SMITE eSports, managed by Simon Hagert, from January 1st 2015. The SMITE team is based on Simon Hagert’s prior team that won the World Champion in 2014.

Simon Hagert is known to most in the gaming community as Zimpstar. For about a year now, he has been managing and coaching and also playing the hunter role for Team SoloMid, accompanied by Qvofred, Trixtank, Lawbster, Gamehunter, Youngbae and Smek. Together they have been through a lot, from Gamescom to the SMITE launch tournament in Atlanta in 2014, where they went undefeated against the best teams in the world, as well as all the way over to Shanghai, where they were given the opportunity to play against the best Chinese teams and ended up winning. Today Simon is happy to announce that they have restructured and optimized their roster, which will be revealed at a later date.

– “A big shout out to Trig for facilitating the process and ensuring that we can dedicate our time solely to SMITE, allowing us to become better than ever before. There is no doubt in my mind that we will claim the spot as the best team in the world in season 2. And for all fans reading this, thank you for supporting us and keep on following our journey with our new team sponsor.” says Simon Hagert.

-“Trig is pleased to announce that we have recruited one of the best teams in the world managed by Simon “Zimpstar” Hagert. The core of this team won the world championship last year and they will now make a dedicated effort for the 2015 season as Trig’s Smite team.” says Phillip Cook, CEO Trig.

SMITE is currently one of the fastest growing games in eSports, with an upcoming world championship in January 2015 in Atlanta, USA and a prize pool estimated to surpass the $2m mark ($1.7 at this current time). This means SMITE will hold the third place for the highest prize pool in gaming history, only being surpassed by League of Legends with a mere ~$100k and Dota 2.

Today SMITE has millions of regular players and the number is growing rapidly.

/The Board of Directors.


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